The Micore Story

Micoré International was conceived because there exists a dire need for women to profit from the hair extensions, to which they invest billions of their paychecks into every year.

In 2009 Mercy Alexander started, an e-commerce website for hair. It was soon realized by husband Derrick Alexander that there were hundreds of other hair website competitors, which would mean they would have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars if they ever hoped to make a name for VHS. Soon Derrick had an epiphany and promptly did some research and found that even though there were hundreds of hair competitors, there was virtually no competition in the Multi-Level Marketing arena for HAIR. Derrick strongly believed that women would gravitate toward a good MLM for hair extensions so he spoke to some trusted friends for support and they formed Micoré International MLM.

Derrick quickly realized that all of the “good” names were already taken in the US hair industry, so since Mercy was born in Nairobi, he researched the Kenyan languages of Swahili and Kikuyu. That’s when he discovered the perfect name to choose was Micoré, because it means Zebra in Kikuyu (Wambui Micore) in Kikuyu. This was TOO perfect since Derrick and Mercy's goal was to sell hair and hair care products to women of all color, black, white, and everything in between.

Women love social settings, and they treasure their hair! Women also like to make money that they can call their own, so the Micoré owners decided to put the hair business and the revenue it generates, back into the hands of the female (and male) consumers who finance it. The hair business is a fractionalized market with no single major giant competitor except the non-American entrepreneurs who dominate the industry with control of more than 98 percent of the distribution of African American hair care products, beauty supply stores and the wig and extension manufacturers. Micoré International is on track to become the largest single seller of quality hair extensions and lace wigs in the USA, thanks to thousands of Independent Micoré Consultants sharing the Micoré story and selling hair and hair care products to women who appreciate quality hair, and money in their pocket!

Besides, why would you continue to just buy hair…..when you can buy a HAIR BUSINESS from Micoré International MLM!